Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another beautiful fall day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day Meg and I decided we should take the babes on a hike. We both actually forgot our cameras (just like last time) but Hals looked so cute asleep on Megs back that I rushed home at the end of the hike to grab Megs phone to get a quick pic before she woke
up. I made it just in the nik of time not 1 min after I snapped this she woke up.... bright eyed and bushy tailed. (I have no proof I just thought you would want to know....?) since we had the camera handy we snapped a few.

she just looks SO content.

Bruce absolutely loves getting to go on all of our adventures and the babies love to watch him. I suppose its win win. Especially because I sure do feel safe with him. He's such a good dog.

At the end of the hike. they were ready to get out but patiently waited for us to snap a couple.

And this is the little gem meg sent me from the last hike we went on before the snow came.....AND WENT!!! (if you know me you know I couldn't be MORE thrilled about the went part.) I love sleeping babies. He might not look very comfy but I assure you he is. comfy enough to sleep!

Apparently I really like that red tank top.

I'm a summer person through and through but I must say there is nothing like a fall hike.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm a little late on getting these up.... he's 7 mo now but they are so stinking cute I had to post them.
You've heard me say it before and I'll say it again my sister in law is so talented she perfectly captured Alex in each one of these. This is him! He's such a happy camper we're so blessed to have such a wonderful spirit in our home. We love him so much!

And as usual THANK YOU DEVAN!!! we love you. (check out her photography blog linked on the side...PS shes for hire! :)

also a little side note about his hair..... I LOVE IT. It does what it wants and most days I wonder....what is your hair doing? It's him though and hes had 3 hair cuts now a good inch every time at least. Like I said... it does what it wants and we love it that way.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

past and present

Its been a while.

Paul turned 29! I'm married to an old man

this is what we did to celebrate. Took out the old rhino...lots of good times.

5yrs ago when I married him...

we weren't so old.
We have had a blast these past 7and a half yrs since we met we just celebrated our 5 yr on the 19th. I use the term celebrate loosely...this is what we did

MY SISTER GOT MARRIED! Her reception was on the 19th so celebrate we did, just not our anniversary which if i might say was great we spent the day back where we started.(so poetic hehe) and congrats and welcome to the family Carlk.


Now we have a baby boy....WHO SITS!(its so weird he is that big now)

where does the time go? Ill tell you/slash show you
I gave up my last name (which yes was Morley) and we went on our honeymoon. And marked our San Diego Territory....(hopefully a few of you catch my drift.)

we got our fist baby.... and our second, had to go on with out our second.....(yes fully meaning our dogs)

we graduated... well he did, I thought about it...

Of course we built our first snowman. which when I realized it was our first I was pretty bummed, it was after we were married....not sure why.

There have been multiple trips to Vegas, Wendover, California, Idaho and Alaska. There have been hunting trips, snowmobile trips, and camping/boating trips, and dune trips. And I would dare say our biggest thing to date... Having a baby.

Al loves the boat and the lake I was actually able to let him go(keeping my hand very close) as he just swam and swam its adorable to see those little legs kick and love the chilly water not even a fuss he loves the water! I cant wait to take him snowmobiling this winter and maybe to the dunes next spring..... I can tell you one thing he can't WAIT to watch uncle Spencer drive in a derby... he told me.

This pic might look like Alex is crying .. but he is actually laughing hysterically Alex thinks Bruce is the funniest best thing ever! And Bruce is pretty fond of him as well its a good thing.

This next pic was a few yrs ago but in terms of boating... quite the accomplishment.

This is a pic of the 5 skiers/borders that we were able to get up all at the same time Dan, Paul, Sara, Me and Holly. This is right before take off Sara has the pic of us all up I believe.

just a pic of a random Dune trip... and the best pic I could get as they were all jumping

Ill wrap it up basically I've had a wonderful time being married to best friend and my sweet heart for the past 5 years. We've done a lot played a lot and have worked a TON :) and I look forward to the rest of forever doing the same! Never a dull moment and I love it that way. I'd have ten more of his little babies too if it meant watching the way he is with Alex all the time.

I love you honey and thanks for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eaten Alive

Ashley and I have been trying to hike a little bit lately (so far we've gone twice) both very note worthy and fun. This particular hike I would say we were a little under prepared to say the least. We were both eaten alive walking around deer creek.... a walk around a lake in the early morning passing first through the swamp lands and it didn't even occur to either of us to bring any kind of bug spray. The best part, both of us have done this "hike" before and both of us had hated the skeeters. I WILL NEVER FORGET AGAIN. luckily Al was covered head to toe it was pretty chilly.
Took some pics anyway.

Ashley and Noelle

Alex Bruce and I

A pic of the lake and a trail I once "Ran" with meg

And this pic is for Megan

Even though I itch like crazy I had fun.

Shake your money maker!

Happier than a stripper on a Saturday night!

My family has this awesome tradition that for every wedding we throw the bride a money shower. Yes it might be easier to just give her some cash but its not that easy and its much more fun! My aunt Shauna came up with the idea and so she runs the show! Its a blast and it's probably the only shower you go to where YOU get to leave with gifts. She hits up the dollar store buys all sorts of stuff wraps its so you don't know what it is, then the auctioning begins! The most expensive gift this year went for 54 bucks! Id tell you the trick to getting the gift you want but.... you'll just have to come to the next one. It gets a little crazy round here.

What kind of a shower would it be if we didn't tape stuff on the bride?

The auctioneer

Of course every shower has to have a gag gift and a willing participant!


54 bucks! and from the looks on their faces... so worth every penny!

Save your dollar bills and we'll invite you to the next one you don't have to be blood just willing to have fun.... and donate to a poor bride and groom.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another pointless post.

This week has been just another summer week. Meg and Halle were here for the weekend and Uncle Spencer and Aunt Dev drove in the Heber derby so we took the babies over to see them before the derby and get some pics of Al with them and their cars. Spencer was over registering and it was 185 degrees outside so we weren't able to wait for him to be able to take a pic with him but we sure did get some cute ones with Dev.

Rockin his shades so he doesn't have to squint.

Trying to crawl? someone should tell him he really needs to get his arms up for this to work out.


Tribute to auntie Fertado.... we miss you guys

love me some NEW KICKS thank you aunt holly for the awesome outfit and triss for the shoes! We miss you guys too.

Miss Hal and Mr. Al
and lounge feeding. This makes me wish I was fed all the time while reclining..... what? He looks so comfy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Unicorns, tornados, floods, wisconson, lake michigan, Park City &Alaska

This last week Alex and I went to Milwaukee to visit my husbands brothers wife's sister Megan and her great husband Greg. (also known as Paul's brother.) It was an interesting trip. The first day we were there we were mostly waiting out some storms. When I say storms your probably thinking some rain what a bummer. NO! I'm talking some real live tornado's (not like the dinky one we had in Utah what 10yrs ago) and some massive flash flooding. It really was cool the pictures I took really don't give it any justice but they are still pretty cool. Take a look see. All the pics first are obviously some beginning storm, during, ends and next day. The little tunnel thing under the train tracks.... NEVER has water in it.

Megan was letting Alex watch the storm and all the lightning. He really seemed to like it!(or just standing at the window who knows)

just starting

completely beautiful as if it never happened. The very next day.

empty again.

So the best part about this storm is later that night when Megan's husband got home he stayed with the babies and Megan and I went out to just see how deep the water was and just see. (Lets be honest... if you know me you know i was totally going to go play in it) or at least I had intentions of it it was pretty gross. Anyway they live in a nice apartment complex that is gated and has a club house by the entrance gate and the sprinklers happened to be turned on. It just so happened that the water was really deep because it is right in front of the flooded tunnel thingy. We had been out there 5 min when a drunk guy walked up to a bunch of us standing there looking and was getting out out of control mad with us because someone needed to turn off the sprinklers so the stranded bus he was on could take him home........HE THOUGHT THE SPRINKLERS HAD FLOODED THE STREETS! how far gone do you have to be I wonder? It was pretty funny. I wish I had a pic of him and his hill billy teeth. But had we taken one he might have killed us. He was pretty upset.

Such a beautiful day at Lake Michigan.

view of Milwaukee

Hanging out by the lake

Gregan, Hal, Al and Me.This pic makes me laugh Halee looks so cute and Alex so uncomfortable he was actually fine it was just the pic.

I swear I have like ten of this same pic. diff day. and I love it.

Aunt Megan making him giggle
the two peas

Aunt Dee making Halee giggle

this is what Bruce did all week. Play and play with his cousins in Park City, get three boxers together and what do you get? ONE TIRED JANA and he was exhausted! Thanks Jana!

And last but most defiantly not least this is what Paul did this week lucky guy! Fishing in Alaska.
That's him with his prize shark!