Friday, June 25, 2010

Rosco and Bruce

Rosco is going to be a great big brother! Just thought you should know he has been so great with Alex this week. And Bruce and him very surprisingly get along very well. They are great together... chasing wood chucks or gophers and swimming in the canal. Its been a great week.

We went on a long walk this morning and the dogs had so much fun here are some pics of the adventure.

Can you see Rosco........ I had a hard time finding him several times, he always eventually comes when called he is a great dog the weeds are just much taller than him.

Rosco has found something and Bruce is patiently waiting to see what.

Again Roscoe doing the work and Bruce just ready to pounce

All that hard work of watching has made Bruce so thirsty!

I wonder if someone should tell him that's not his Binky

Here's Bruce sneaking out of the canal hoping I didn't see him jump in.
Hate to break it to you Bruce I did and you WILL be getting a bath tonight.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I just thought this picture was so cute of him smiling. We were both laying on the ground getting ready to read and he was just all smiles. Had to capture one. ( I would rotate it but......)

swimming with "proper" gear

Well Devan and Spencer ended their wonderful stay in pure luxury this week so we did a farewell swim. Yes it was just Devan Alex and I but we had so much fun Alex has really enjoyed all of his swimming adventures but I would have to say he seemed to like this one the very best! Maybe it is because I remembered a proper hat and HIS sunglasses. My cute little white boy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Who needs a hat and sunglasses?? Some say babies. I say nah just throw on whatever you've got lying around. Why bother with silly hats and sunglasses that fit? Thats just rediculious, a burp rag and adult sunglasses will totally do the trick.

see that he loves his little get up.

Aunt Dev has been house sitting for the last couple of weeks at this amazing house with a pool and she has let us come swimming whenever we want! Thanks Dev its been a lot of fun we're sorry your adventure there is ending this week.

Scrub a dub dub

Pre bath.......... doesn't he just look so ready. Like he wants to be in bed already?

Alex reallly enjoys his baths he LOVES the water and can't hardly wait when I turn on the tub. If I have happened to push him to far and he's a little fussy he hears the tub go on and becomes silent.... just patiently waiting to begin winding down for the night.

He always starts out out compleatly on the chair and kicks and kicks till hes down in the water... right where he wants to be.

not to mention his hair is so fun in the tub!

Here are the wonderful on lookers.... so curious as to what is happening. This is the best pic I could get, they are so curious.... looking over the side.... wondering what the heck is going on. The white dog Rosco isn't ours he is our good friends Sara and Dan who have been able to adopt a baby this week and so they are in St. George getting their brand new baby girl. And we are kickin it with Rosco.

I just think that here he looks so cozy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a couple of fun pics of the boys. Alex was struggling taking a nap yesterday so we camped out on the couch yes... the three of us. When the boys woke up I put Alex in Bruces lap it was too cute. He looks so grumpy and bruce looks very patient.

Also alex latley only wants to sit up or stand so I let him try to sit on his own yesterday I realize this isn't the best video of it but he does pretty good with the use of his hands..... one day he'll get there.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ode to Heber Valley

I live in one of the most beautiful valleys in the state. (Logan was pretty amazing too) Logan and I had a pretty amazing run and I hope one day I love this little valley even more. I'm not going to lie (because I hate liars (previous post) hehe) it has its work cut out for it. Things like this though Logan doesn't have and is one of the things people come to Heber for. And I think its pretty cool. These beautiful balloons took off maybe a quarter of a mile away from my house in a little field. This is them on their descent down just as we were finishing our morning run. How could you not love to see this.

This appears like it could be fatal......

Don't worry the balloon didn't pop on these telephone poles I know you were worried.

The beautiful views from my back porch

and a little church that every time I look at it I feel like I'm in england...and when it's rainy Ireland (Nope I've never been to either place.)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I hate liars. Who ever said running with a stroller was easy.... was lying . I have been running with just Bruce since I had Alex but today was the first time I double timed it. Like I said I hate liars.

Although I must say it was kind of fun and I of course wont be giving up, and I am 100% justified in getting my new running stroller. This one was great don't get me wrong and i appreciate it greatly meg and dev I'm just a swivel wheel person.

And Alex sure did enjoy the ride he passed out not long after we took off and he had only been awake for the morning long enough to eat.

Some of you might be thinking gee isn't he a little over dressed for this wonderful summer weather we have been having? And for you I have 2 things to say.
2nd 60 degress in my house this morning. We are fortunate enough to live where it cools down at night..... way down.

Proof I tuckered them both out.

and last proof it wasn't a "pussy run" (as my husband would say)
my face is NOT supposed to look like that.
neither is my head to body ratio but... that's the angle

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New suit

Check out his new suit! My sister-in-laws and I went shopping last week and I found this adorable suit I couldn't resist its kind of funny though the way it fits the pants are way to long the shirts top button wont do up and there for the tie isn't in the right place and the arm sleeve buttons are to tight. Oh well he still looks stinkin cute.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Under pressure

So.... I have been under a lot of intense pressure latley to create a blog, and well..... I have caved (Janelle and megan) so this blog has been created and I hope you all enjoy what is to come of this!!!!!!! (extra exlamations added just for you fertado) I might need some help and have no idea what I am doing although I would say I am rather experienced in viewing others bloggs. Heres hoping all will go smooth.