Friday, July 23, 2010

Unicorns, tornados, floods, wisconson, lake michigan, Park City &Alaska

This last week Alex and I went to Milwaukee to visit my husbands brothers wife's sister Megan and her great husband Greg. (also known as Paul's brother.) It was an interesting trip. The first day we were there we were mostly waiting out some storms. When I say storms your probably thinking some rain what a bummer. NO! I'm talking some real live tornado's (not like the dinky one we had in Utah what 10yrs ago) and some massive flash flooding. It really was cool the pictures I took really don't give it any justice but they are still pretty cool. Take a look see. All the pics first are obviously some beginning storm, during, ends and next day. The little tunnel thing under the train tracks.... NEVER has water in it.

Megan was letting Alex watch the storm and all the lightning. He really seemed to like it!(or just standing at the window who knows)

just starting

completely beautiful as if it never happened. The very next day.

empty again.

So the best part about this storm is later that night when Megan's husband got home he stayed with the babies and Megan and I went out to just see how deep the water was and just see. (Lets be honest... if you know me you know i was totally going to go play in it) or at least I had intentions of it it was pretty gross. Anyway they live in a nice apartment complex that is gated and has a club house by the entrance gate and the sprinklers happened to be turned on. It just so happened that the water was really deep because it is right in front of the flooded tunnel thingy. We had been out there 5 min when a drunk guy walked up to a bunch of us standing there looking and was getting out out of control mad with us because someone needed to turn off the sprinklers so the stranded bus he was on could take him home........HE THOUGHT THE SPRINKLERS HAD FLOODED THE STREETS! how far gone do you have to be I wonder? It was pretty funny. I wish I had a pic of him and his hill billy teeth. But had we taken one he might have killed us. He was pretty upset.

Such a beautiful day at Lake Michigan.

view of Milwaukee

Hanging out by the lake

Gregan, Hal, Al and Me.This pic makes me laugh Halee looks so cute and Alex so uncomfortable he was actually fine it was just the pic.

I swear I have like ten of this same pic. diff day. and I love it.

Aunt Megan making him giggle
the two peas

Aunt Dee making Halee giggle

this is what Bruce did all week. Play and play with his cousins in Park City, get three boxers together and what do you get? ONE TIRED JANA and he was exhausted! Thanks Jana!

And last but most defiantly not least this is what Paul did this week lucky guy! Fishing in Alaska.
That's him with his prize shark!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I LOVE

We decided the other day since everyone else is finishing putting in their grass..... maybe we should START on our yard. So we bought some of these.
and I must say I LOVE them I never knew I could love trees we're hoping to have our yard finished by the end of summer........ we'll see.

Did I mention I LOVE summer? I don't think I did.

couple pics of ONE reason why.

I also love "back porch sittin"

and I love bare feet. AND ALEX (double whammy)
Apparently Alex isn't to fond of socks either. Every time I put them on he promptly takes them off and tries to eat them. Not my idea of a good snack but then again some people do enjoy blue cheese. (same thing right?)

I also love BRUCE AND PAUL and

SUNDAY SLEEP INS.... even if I'm not so much of an active participant much these days. Don't they look so peaceful even though Bruce peaked an eye open for the shot.

Every once in a while i feel like I need to say this one out loud. (It's that strong)

I found a bob yesterday for 1/2 price!

that I don't even have yet but I love it already. (no this isn't the exact pic )

which leads me to this couple. I LOVE this couple
This is my husbands brother Spencer and his wonderful wife Devan who I LOVE
This is not the first time Devan has so graciously picked something up for me in SLC that I have found on KSL she is my go to gal. Wonderful friend, awesome baby sitter. ALL AROUND GREAT girl and as much as I consider her lucky to have married Spencer I think Spencer is EQUALLY as lucky ( if not a tad more heehe)
They both help Paul and I out a ton and we love you guys.

Friday, July 9, 2010

catching up!

Alex has turned 4mo old! His stats were great. His weight is average despite what everyone has been making me think. Ive decided its the hair.... It makes him look so seasoned. :) old and wise if you will. Plus apparently he is kind of tall 25.5 to be exact.

I forgot to take a pic at 4 mo but this is 2 days before so just as good.

we have entered the world of drool. See how wet his shirt is? yup straight drool, nope he didn't spit up a little after eating his shirt isn't wet from getting his hair done...... simply drool my friends.

And this is mostly why I can't keep his fingers out of his mouth. He doesn't suck just chews a little. and nope as far as I can tell he is NOT teething and trust me he stick my fingers in his mouth just about as often I would know.

Here are some fun pics from Meg and Halle's trip to Utah. We tried so hard to spend a ton of time together and we had a lot of fun.

I haven't had a single girl niece...... Till I got pregnant with Alex then the girls just started popping up left and right. ( so just 2 but they are both Alex's age) But on Wed Morning at 12:15 am My brother Scott and his great wife Katy had Travis James Morley. And we couldn't be more thrilled for many reasons. 1st they make the cutest kids they are so fun and so we are excited to have had them have a 3rd kid. Most importantly.... HE'S A BOY! Alex will have one cousin his age that's a boy. (I'm a little excited.) Although I'm pretty sure when shes old enough Halle will be giving Alex a run for his money. She may not look like shes very tough now but trust me I know her parents. :)

So a month ago my Paul's bro and his wife Megan came home from Wisconsin to bless their baby girl Halle. Halle and Alex are 4 weeks apart and so we decided to do it together. My brother had was going to be home from his mission and so we waited till he got home. So June 6th we blessed the little kiddos and it was a great day. (sorry to everyone who had the wrong directions, I don't know what that girl was thinking!) :) But here are some pics that my amazing sis in law Devan took. She is such a talented Photographer... but i don't have to tell you that her work speaks for its self Alex is 3 mo old. Halle is 2 mo.

aren't they so cute? We are determined that they will be the best of friends.

I just love that smile Thank you Devan for catching all of our special moments your the best LOVE YOU!