Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another beautiful fall day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day Meg and I decided we should take the babes on a hike. We both actually forgot our cameras (just like last time) but Hals looked so cute asleep on Megs back that I rushed home at the end of the hike to grab Megs phone to get a quick pic before she woke
up. I made it just in the nik of time not 1 min after I snapped this she woke up.... bright eyed and bushy tailed. (I have no proof I just thought you would want to know....?) since we had the camera handy we snapped a few.

she just looks SO content.

Bruce absolutely loves getting to go on all of our adventures and the babies love to watch him. I suppose its win win. Especially because I sure do feel safe with him. He's such a good dog.

At the end of the hike. they were ready to get out but patiently waited for us to snap a couple.

And this is the little gem meg sent me from the last hike we went on before the snow came.....AND WENT!!! (if you know me you know I couldn't be MORE thrilled about the went part.) I love sleeping babies. He might not look very comfy but I assure you he is. comfy enough to sleep!

Apparently I really like that red tank top.

I'm a summer person through and through but I must say there is nothing like a fall hike.