Monday, March 7, 2011



Alex and his little go to trouble maker pal Halle they are the best of buds and so we thought it fitting to do a combined birthday bash and some pics together too. My sis in law Devan is amazing and did a great little shoot with them. You can check out the rest of her work

I can't hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home.

We had a good day, of course he had no idea the day was any diff he just loved it though balloons, banners, dinner out,and of course a new truck. LIFE IS GOOD FOR A ONE YR OLD.
I left my camera at home for the dinner festivities which was a bummer (don't act like your actually surprised Janelle)but I did catch a few confused photos of him the morning of with some balloons, he is just mesmerized by the banner on the wall and tried everything in his power to get to it.

I'm not really sure how I didn't take a pic of that either especially where it hung on my wall for a good 3 days but I didn't... sorry. It was really cute Greg and Megan and Halle made it for him it was adorable.
I did manage to shoot this little video of Alex dancing and clapping to a card uncle Johan and aunt Janelle sent him. He loved it its short lived but I had the idea a little late so I caught what I could.

Life doesn't seem to much different for a one year old except now I get to let him try a few new things like whole milk....and strawberry's, yeah he is a big kid now.

Also HE GOT A REAL haircut. My sister usually cuts his hair while he's in the tub or while I fed him a bottle (when he was really young that worked) but she lives 2 hrs away so I gave him his last fabulous hair cut and lets just say its time to do it the real way. So today I took him to the salon where my good friend Brittanie took care of us. He loved it and I LOVE HIS NEW STYLE! I never thought Id like short hair on him I was a little nervous but he looks so cute.

TADAH!! "I look good with short hair and I know it" or as its been said before "a boys hair cut"

We are having a birthday bash for his 1 yr old celebration so there will be more photos to come!


  1. Hooray for Zander's birthday!

    The top picture is my absolute favorite.

  2. Can't believe he is 1 already!! It goes by so fast!!! He is so cute, love his new haircut!!

  3. How has it been a whole year?! CRAZY! Alex is the most adorable little boy, he's such a stud! I love his new haircut!

  4. Oh man I love that lil fella!! Happy birthday Alex! Love the new do too :)

  5. Karadie! YAY! happy birthday Alex! He's sooo cute.

  6. Oh I love that little man! The pictures are great by the way! Wish we could have been there. Is he walking yet? Love ya tons!