Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet Baby Cache....Its about time.

So its about time I posted maybe?? No? You disagree? MY BABY IS 5 MO OLD its a bit ridiculous really, that I've been that far behind. My blog has never met CACHE. Lets just put it this way there is a huge difference between 1 and 2 kids. When we found out we were pregnant with our second I called my husband to tell him I took a test (mostly just to convince myself I wasn't pregnant. Its just a little scary when you have a baby thats only 7 mo old ) anyway when I called paul to tell him I was pregnant(He was at work.) He didn't say much I thought that he would say really? Are you scared? Anything really and all he said was......"whats one more?" Well let me tell you this. Its One more. One more baby to love. One more little one who suckers in your entire heart. Its one more little face that smiles at you and wraps you around their little finger. One more mouth to feed, one more butt to change, one more little body to bath, and one (or maybe 20) more binkeys to find. :) And get this.....I love it. I really did worry that it would be hard to love another baby just as much as the first but it isn't. I never knew I could love so much.  
Anyway what i've been trying to say is that I've been a little busy enjoying/loving life.
Still its about time that you met Cache. maybe we should start with one of his newborns and a little back story All Photos are courtesy of 

Cache was born on July 18th at 6PM  he was 7 lbs 15 oz. He spent a week in the NICU due to a couple of collapsed lungs shortly after birth. When we left the NICU he was as good as new!! We were in the process of building a new home at the time so me and the boys Alex Cache Bruce and I stayed at my parents for a couple weeks while Paul worked tirelessly and drove to and from SLC almost everyday so that we could be together and get into our new home soon. Long story short we are in and CaChe is now 5 mo old. Its crazy how time flies. 

We blessed him a couple of months ago paul did a wonderful job. It was a beautiful blessing and a wonderful day filled with family!  My little Cache looked handsome as ever! I could eat him alive grrr he's so cute!

Just a little pic of Al during the shoot as well. He's also to stinkin cute.

My wonderful Photographer did a photo shoot of the boys for me today she had seen some stuff we wanted to try them out. I think they turned out fabulously feast your eyes! Also check out her blog on my blog list. She is so talented.

           How can you not just laugh looking at this picture!  Every time I look at it I just bust a gut.

Thats all for now thanks for stopping by to meet Cache!


    Hi Buddy! Ah, your boys are so cute! I love the pics Karadie! They look so much alike! I love the big eye's one a lot! Wish I could see you this week, I'll just have to have Scott give you a hug from me! Miss ya!

  2. Karadie, your boys are too cute!!! I so wish we could have met Cache when we were there in October!! I miss you guys like crazy and wish these boys could play together!! Love your cute family!!

  3. He's sosososososososoo cute! I want to meet him in person... Let's get together, mmkay?